Friday, July 5, 2013

Fly From Scratch

Another blog after travel and Miles..??????????????

Yes indeed.. I have been reading and reading a lot about the travel blogs of the stalwarts and I decided to jump in and see if things are really as amazing as they sound..

So here's my story, as it unfolds, told my way..

Update: 04/16/2014 - I know I have been pretty random in my writing and updating the blog.. but Im trying to be more regular with my experience.. One of my quarter year resolution is to update a post every week and I have chosen the holy day of Tuesday for this noble purpose. So starting next week, you can expect a post every Tuesday (unless I am on a Holiday !!)..

Disclaimer - This is just my true of version on my experience as it unfolds on the miles game.. I am not being helped directly by any blogger nor am I getting any referral bonus or points or any benefits from any program that I mention in any of my blogs. My blog is my opinion in my words. Any factual information relating to any credit card and/or miles & points programs etc. mentioned here are based on my research and you are requested to do your own homework. I will not be liable for any information that turns out incorrect or changes with passage of time. My opinion of any program is also my own and based on my personal experience.

Images: The images used on blogs will have the source of the images mentioned. I don't own the copyright to any image, unless they are my personal images.
Right now the background image on my blog is the many planes image, found through google. The source/copyright owner of the image is unknown.
The current image background of my twitter page is by Akshay Jain (thanks Akshay). You can access more images by Akshay @

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